Details the Storage of coins

Albums come with a fixed number of pages (most affordable) and with varying from 4 steel holders (more expensive). Last convenient, since you can optionally add / remove pages, or change their sequence. The very use and have never regretted. Simple albums with a fixed number of pages of Russian and Ukrainian origin are often made of a transparent film containing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - substances that spoil the coin. The German release of the plug-in sheets, which are stored and coins, it is very hard and contain very little PVC that will not harm coins. Cannot save on the preservation of coins and buy right away and a good quality album?
Now on the sheets.

Sheets come in different types, as described above. In total there are three main purposes sheets - for storage of coins, stamps and coupons. For example, all such lists of "Optima" suitable for a single album "Collection". Buying a folder or album, watch out for the type of sheets, buy more to it.
Personally, I use sheets of "Optima" by the German firm "Leuchtturm", I was quite satisfied with the quality. Use folders "Collection". The cost of an empty folder, about 150-200 rubles, one sheet for coins - 35-40 rubles sheet for Coupons - 15-20 rubles. Still recommend the use of dividers - the dark cardboard (5 rubles per piece) or plastic (10 rubles / piece) lists, since the dark background of the coin and bonds look better.

Paper pocket.
Paper sleeves come in a 5x5 cm or so long-term storage of coins. The downside is that the coin is not visible. Not expensive and they do not suffice for long, because if you are frequently taking out the coin paper was ground and breaks.
There are still pockets of inert plastic that does not contain PVC. In this case, a coin can be seen, but as these pockets are short-lived.

Cases and tablets.
Metal cases are typically used for storing coins in safes or their transportation. Also be made of leather, mahogany, etc. - are needed for the presentation of the most valuable coins from the collection. Prices start usually 500-1000 rubles.

Now more about the metal case.
Prevalent cases of German firm Leuchtturm of aluminum alloy for 6 or 12 numismatic plates (of which below), the first is about 1200 rubles, the second - 1800. Coins are placed on the plates, the plates - in the case, locked case - that the whole system.

Tablets do not usually come with cases, and they have to buy more, depending on the size of internal cells are from 100 to 150 rubles apiece. Coins are placed directly on the tablet, but then the top side is covered with a patina, and the bottom retains its luster, so it is advisable to pack the coins in "capsules" and only then to put on the plates. In general, such storage is expensive, but after a few years will justify itself.

Used for long term storage of coins, since it does not leak air and do not contain PVC. There are 2 or 3 parts which are interconnected fabric and do not give a coin to scratch and in contact with the external environment. Sell packages of 10 pieces for about 120-150 rubles. Many contemporary collectible coins are packaged in such a capsule directly on the Mint.

Tubes for the coins.
Used for long term storage of coins 10-20. Not widespread, since it does not give the opportunity to examine the coin. Often on the U.S. Mint in tubes packed coin bullion at $ 1.