Storage of coins

That's the case your taste. I can only describe the main ways to store coins and coupons, and you really are and choose. Before starting the collection of registration should think about its safety. For many centuries we know: to save the values, not anyone talks about them. But what if the thief still found out about your treasure? The best way - is to buy a safe. And, if it will only be stored coins (no important documents and cash), then you can safely buy safe II - III class, when suddenly there was a fire, the temperature in it though and will rise, but the coins will still be intact. If you want all in one place and a place where will be located in room safe, is under protection, it is best to choose flame-resistant model. Resist safecracker, he is unlikely to more than 15-20 minutes, but with a strong fire, the temperature inside exceeds 70 degrees, which ensures complete safety of the contents.

Another good option for storing your collection can be rented by the cell in the bank. In this case, the rental price is about $ 50 a month, sometimes more. In addition, you cannot always admire his coins. So the best option - it is a small in-wall or floor safe in your apartment and its price will be approximately the amount of annual rent safe-deposit box. Remember that the cost of the safe should be 10% of the value of its content - it will tell you in all respectable specialty stores, which sells safes.
Better to use high-quality accessories that have passed numerous checks and tests in Europe and Russia - it guarantees the preservation of the quality of your coins. Remember that the miser pays twice.

This is the most common method. Album, there are many: German, Russian, Dutch, American, etc. Prices are very different and are directly dependent on the quality and country of manufacture: from 80 rubles for pocket album of Russian production of PVC in large numbers, and up to several thousand German for leather folder "crust", without sheets. Sheets are as diverse, there are different types (Optima, Vario, Numis - it's only the main and only one German firm Leuchtturm). As you can see, it all depends on your taste and financial situation. But we should remember that the cost of accessories should be about 5-10% of the cost of the entire collection.